About Us

Drykishfood are constantly looking for new products in order to increase our output and the satisfaction of our clients.

Quality Conscious

Serving premium Quality of dryfruit

Customer Satisfaction

Drykishfood are constantly looking for Satisfaction of Customer

Health Focused

Drykishfood is committed to provide healthy dryfruit around the globe.

Core Features

What is Drykish Food?

Healthy bites in pocketsize is first time initiative by the Drykish food to promote the inclusion of nuts and dried fruits in our daily diet.

100% real and natural Ingredient

Serving premium Quality of dryfruit

Discovering Health and Happiness

We Are Happy to Introduce World's First pocket size pouch of natural and flavoured Dryfruits in Just 10 Rs, 15 Rs,20 Rs & 30 Rs

Variety of Flavour

Drykish food has always been associated with best quality products with unique variety of choices.

Creativity and innovation in every product

Creativity and innovation in every product and in every flavour

Our process

Gifting of dry fruits during festivals to family and friends has always been a tradition in our culture, Keeping this culture alive with Drykish dry fruits. Celebration of Life!


Globally Sourcing the finest Quality of Dryfruits.


Sorting and grading with Attention.


Dry Roasting with delectable flavours and no oil


Packing it up all with love and care.


Serving with Smile.


What research Says?

"People eating nuts as a daily routine had a 20% lower death rate compare to those who did not consume nuts .Those who reported regularly consuming nuts seven or more times a week were less likely to die from a variety of disease,including heart disease, cancer ,and Diabetes"

-New England Journal of Medicine,2013