Distributor Message

Grow your reputation and expand your network with Drykish food.


We are looking for business partners across India. You do not have to be an expert in the Distribution. If your ambition is to distribute exclusive food products, if you wish to stand out in the market and sell a product like no other, feel invited to join the team of our distributors.


We are a brand unlike any other. We will be your loyal and reliable partner for years to come. No matter how big your company is, to us every customer is Great. It is important that you have Great plans: we want to work with you to make them come true. We value integrity and consistency in our daily work. If you are bold, ready to fight and are not afraid of competition, join the Drykish Food. We will secure your business. You will always be the exclusive partner of the Drykish brand in your region. You will be proud, as we are, of the quality of the Dry fruits that you deliver to your customers. Surprise your customers with fast and timely delivery. You will feel that we are your real partner.